Fanatec North America.Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel for Xbox One PC. Truth be told, Fanatec does not make cheap products, after taxes you will pay more than for a brand new Xbox One console, however, In 2016 they did a nice move, brought to market this accessible gaming wheel, actually the cheapest in their product line, The Fanatec CSL Elite.

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Fanatec Europe. Close In order to optimize the website and for continuously improvement we are using cookies. You agree to the usage of cookies when you continue using this site.I installed the drivers and updated the firmware. Wheel: Fanatec CSR Forza, pedals CSR ELite (connected to pc trough usb or to wheel with .

  1. Hi guys, I need Some help with my csr wheel. I got the logitech driver installed for my csr wheel and it worked great. But I wanted some sharper steering so I made some changes in my profiler.Fanatec released a new Beta driver pack and firmware, bringing Windows 10 support to the Fanatec PC products. The CSW V1 and V2 firmware also includes a collection of optimizations for various products across the PC and Console line-up.

  2. My friend has the regular CSR wheel and has been racing on it for about 3 months. A couple of weeks ago he wanted to iRace so he hooked the wheel back up to his computer and put the wheel in PC mode (already had the drivers installed) but Windows 7 said it was an unknown device and there.The CSR Wheel is a real hi-tech product with loads of features. Please read the manual before using it or if you are facing any problems. Driver: Please only use .

  3. The Forza Motorsport CSR wheel can be used with all games that support For PC use, you need to install the driver before you plug in the USB cable.Officially licensed by Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios, the Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel will push your driving experience to the next level. Multiplatform Enjoy the CSR Wheel across all platforms, on your Xbox (wirelessly), PlayStation3, PlayStation®4.

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quite a few other Fanatec PC users were experiencing the same issue. driver and if that doesn't work, send the wheel back to Fanatec.Dec 17, 2018 Fanatec requires to install the Fanatec driver for the relative products from their website and you need to update the Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel.