TOCA Race Driver 2's cutscenes are also very well produced. Though the models for the characters don't always look especially great, each and every character animates superbly.

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In short, Driver 2, in the vernacular, is weak sauce, a rushed, unbalanced, unfortunate seemingly abandoned game that doesn't measure up the first by a long shot, and will disappoint.

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  1. Play and Listen cutscenes part 2 Toca Race Driver 2 PS2 - Cutscenes Part 2 Mp3. By MoviesNGames007uk Publish 2011-03-14. Play Download Ringtone. Toca Race Driver 3 - Cutscenes Part 1. Play and Listen part 1 fmv cutscenes Toca Race Driver 3 - Cutscenes.

  2. Charles Jericho is a major crime lord and Detective John Tanner's long time arch rival in the Driver Series. He is the main antagonist in the Driver Series, Although the secondary antagonist in Driver 2 and the main antagonist in DRIV3R and Driver San Francisco.

  3. Sure Driver cutscenes looked great but storywise it wasn't perfect, Halo was much more impressive. Now consoles have much more power, even Driver3 looked fine, atleast everything static like sky, nightlights and tarmac did. People, buildings and small objects were the biggest problems. New game could have graphics like Oblivion, think about.

Driver 2: Back on the Streets (named Driver 2: The Wheelman Is Back in North America) is the second installment of the Driver video game series. It was developed by Reflections Interactive and published by Infogrames.

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Driver 2 Cutscenes Part 4 - Rio. Play and Listen 000 caine in rio 110 warning jones 233 the shootout 307 lennys getaway 359 lenny gets it 435 back in chicago 510 vasquez meets caine 558 the end Driver 2 Cutscenes Part 4 - Rio Mp3. By HunterMechanic Publish 2016-07-16.

Driver 2: The Wheelman Is Back (ou Driver 2: Back On The Streets, como é Fever por The Dust Junkies- Na primeira cutscene em Las Vegas.

The game has 2 discs, due to the CGI cutscenes as others have mentioned. Way back when I had my first copy of Driver 2 my first disc wouldn't work and I had to do this little trick where.